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Data Lock 07 price mismatch information – resolve before R14 hard close

Your data match report may show DLOCK_7 errors (no matching negotiated cost of training and assessment found). These errors occur when there is a price information mismatch between your ILR submission and records held on the apprenticeship service.

In some instances, the ILR price and apprenticeship service price appear to match on the report, however it does represent a mismatch in...

Update: Qualification achievement rates (QAR): dashboard decommissioning and new reports

From 1 October 2018, Birst (My BI) will be decommissioned and the dashboards currently accessed through the BI Tools tab on the Hub will no longer be available. If you want to keep any of the QAR reports that are currently stored on Birst, please export and save these before 1 October.

Whilst we upgrade our reporting technology, we are providing interim QAR reports in Excel format....