All apprenticeship starts from 1 May 2017

For all new apprenticeship starts from 1 May 2017, you must make sure you have completed the ‘Apprenticeship contract type’ (ACT) field in the ILR. You must record an ACT type otherwise this will fail validation rules; record code ‘ACT1’ for levy contracted apprenticeships and ‘ACT2’ for non-levy contracted apprenticeships.

To receive payment for levy contracted apprentices there must be a matching record in the apprenticeship service, and this must be fully approved by you and the employer you are working with. You can easily check which apprentices are fully approved by looking at the Apprenticeship data match report on the Hub. This will highlight any apprentices that are not fully approved. The deadline to correct any errors for apprentices due to be included in the June payment is Tue 6 June 2017. For more information on the data match please see page 17 of the Apprenticeships Technical Funding Guide for starts from May 2017.

To add an apprentice to the apprenticeship service, ask your employer to select “Add an apprentice”.


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  1. Diane Berry


    We completed our first submissions the final one for R12 on 02.08.17. We had 6 in total that we submitted individually. However there only appears to be records for 1 despite having no errors on the others. We did several submissions before we got it right. Has anyone else had this, or know what the time scale is for all reports to be generated – a bit anxious now!

  2. Jaci

    Good Morning

    Having read the Guidance Notes for returning apprenticeship on the ILR from 01 May 2017 v2, in particular Page 12, Para 3.2.4, Apprenticeship contact type. Could you please expend on when this is completed and updated. In particular, does the ACT code need to be updated each time an employer moves in and out of Levy funding.

    Many Thanks



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