QAR 2016 to 2017 – Re-release of provisional data for all providers

From the feedback received during the Qualification Achievement Rates provisional window, we have applied some minor changes to the calculations and have re published provisional data for all providers.

A summary of the changes include:

  • Amendment to definitions for Overall_Transfer (Apprenticeships only)
  • Amendment to definitions for Timely_Transfer (Apprenticeships only)
  • Amendment to JSA_ESA_UC_Excl rule (Education & Training only)

We have also published version 3 of both QAR technical specifications.

Please note that the changes are minor and do not affect the majority of providers, however we still advise that you check your data.

You have until 5pm Friday, 2 February to inform us of any further concerns about how we have implemented our published methodology; you cannot request fixes or adjustments to your 2016 to 2017 ILR data.

If you have any queries, please contact the service desk.

If you have a query about specific data, complete the data queries form and email the form to the service desk.

Accessing provisional QAR data

We have published your data through the data returns tab of the Hub and through BIRST reports.

Guidance on how to use data extracts in the Hub and how to navigate BIRST are now available on GOV.UK.

Each provider should have at least one super user account to access data; please ensure this is still a current user as they will need to approve user permission requests. Please make sure you have the correct user permissions set up for your organisation in advance of the release date.

We have published guidance on GOV.UK on how to request access to the Identity and Access Management System (IDAMS) and how to request the required user permissions to access your QAR data. The roles you need to access QARs are:

  • ‘Data Exchange Service – Provider Information Officer’ for accessing the ‘data returns’ tab on the Hub
  • ‘BI Hub User’ for the BIRST reports

If you have any questions, please contact the service desk.



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