Update on Apprenticeships Reports for R09

At R09 we will provide the Apprenticeships Monthly Payment Report in the same format as at R08. This report will show payments made but will exclude information about  earnings. We are working with users to identify future reporting requirements and if appropriate we aim to reintroduce the information on earnings by the end of this funding year.

In addition, based on user needs we will also provide 2 new reports:

  • Additional payments (incentives) report. This will show details of the payments providers need to pass to employers and will help with identifying these on the remittance advice; these payments are shown separately on the remittance from the other apprenticeship payments.
  • Funding Summary report (at month end). This shows year to date totals based on the actual apprenticeship payments produced at period end. This is similar to the reports providers receive after each ILR submission but includes accurate payment details rather than earnings details.

In terms of timings, each month we aim to provide reports to training providers 2 working days after the close date of the ILR return. For R09 this will be Wed 9 May. Payments will be received by providers on 16 May.

Responding to provider feedback

We have received significant feedback from training providers who are having difficulty in reconciling their Apprenticeships Monthly Payment Report with their remittance statements, particularly for employer and provider additional payments (often referred to as incentives).

In the Apprenticeships Monthly Payment Report, the actual additional payments paid to providers (to pass to employers) in a particular month are not separated out, whereas they do appear as individual items on the remittance statement.

As a result of this feedback, the new additional payments report will display the details of additional payments only, showing the exact point in time at which these items are earned and then paid to providers – and allow easy comparison to remittance statements.

The new Funding Summary Report will be produced after the data collection period has closed and will provide details of the actual payments, taking into account any levy funded learners that are co-funded due to the employer account balance.

Following the issues we experienced with reports for R08, we have been working closely with a group of training providers to better understand provider needs in terms of reporting, and we have been user testing these new reports with them.

We will continue to work with training providers to get regular feedback on the reports we produce, and make improvements based on this. As part of this work we aim to further review the Apprenticeships Monthly Payment Report and if appropriate will look to re-introduce information on earnings by the end of this funding year.

Please let us know by emailing the service desk if you would like to be involved in user research sessions regarding this to inform our thinking further.

If you have any queries or issues, then you should also raise this through the service desk on 0370 267 0001 or at SDE.servicedesk@education.gov.uk.


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