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  • LisaMargach

    Hi All

    I hope someone can offer me some advice. We are currently chasing an employer for their 10% contribution for an apprentice and so far they have not paid. It is coming up to the 90 days deadline. To make matters worse I have just been informed that the learner has now left the employer, but was with them for 2 months.

    The employer still needs to pay us the contribution for the 2 months, but as they have not paid anything whilst the learner was with them, we are not sure how willing they will be to pay now the learner has left.

    Can anyone advise where we stand, as ideally we don’t want to pay the proportion of funding we have received from the ESFA back, but if we cannot get the employer to pay their contribution I don’t know what else we can do?

    Any advice or guidance people could give would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks


    Martin West

    Hi Lisa,
    You must have contracted with the employer so you could pursue payment but it is normally best practice to have systems in place to ensure payment at start either in full or by instalments.



    Hi Lisa

    We’ve prepared our payments and charges schedule so we receive a proportion of the co-funded payment before the apprentice even starts, the employer is also required to set up a direct debit to pay the balance over a few months but these are worked out so they are always ahead as far as co-funded contributions are concerned.




    Morning Lisa

    We are unfortunately in the same position. The employer has been invoiced, but no payment received and now the apprentice has withdrawn 2 months into their learning. Is there an expectation that we should pursue this employer through our debt recovery process, in order to secure the ESFA funding? It should be worth noting that we are a very small County and a lot of our business relies on good will. If we have attempted to collect but are unsuccessful, will the ESFA take back the funding anyway?

    many thanks


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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