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  • talbb18

    I have a 19+ Learner and started her level 2 framework in November 17. The learner has APL for both English and maths and works an average of 25.5hrs per week. As she had APL for English and Maths we didn’t further extend her end date is this ok or should we have applied the below to calculate her end date?

    EP55. Where part-time working is agreed, you must:
    55.3.1 12 x 30/average weekly hours = new minimum duration in months


    Martin West

    Exemptions for English and/or maths would make no difference you need to extend the duration as outlined in EP55.



    Thanks Martin,

    Can i ask if the apprentice hours change after enrolling can the duration be then altered accordingly?




    Martin West

    Hi Andy,
    If subsequently the working hours changed after the panned end date has been set and recorded for funding purposes on the ILR then this cannot be changed in the ILR, it would only be amended in the learning agreement to reflect any change in duration required.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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