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    It was my understanding that when delivering a Standard, form 1/5/17, 20% of the value was retained in relation to EPA being taken and that the remaining monies are to be paid via OPP’s. However in discussion with our CRM provider I have been advised that a further 20% is withheld until completion so for a standard with an agreed funding value of £4,000, £800 is set aside for the EPA and £640 is set aside for completion resulting in only £2,560 being available for OPP’s – this is not something I have come across before nor does it tally up with the Apprenticeship levy calculator – has anyone else been advised of this?



    That’s not how it works. The technical guidance explains this.

    Total agreed price is split 80%/20% with the 20% element paid once the completion code added to the ILR.

    The thing to be mindful of is that where providers do not capture the End Point Assessment price on the ILR from start, then the 80%/20% split will be applied to the total price for training. This means that your monthly payments may be lower than planned. Once the total price to end point assessment is added to the ILR, the Total Price will be recalculated and the 80/20 split re-applied.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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