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  • Alan Taws

    I’ve just received the document “NAS-AccesstoApprenticeships-ILRreportingtechnicaldocument-29July2011.pdf” – it’s guidance from the NAS explaining how to record an Access to Apprenticeship learner on the ILR….

    The first line states that the Programme Type field will be recorded as code 1 ‘Intermediate Level Apprenticeship’ or code 2 for Advanced….
    Surely Intermediate is still a code 3 – or have I missed something?

    If they really are going to change things then how about Intermediate (what we all know as Level 2 Apprenticeships) becomes a code 2 and Advanced (what we all know to mean Level 3 Apprenticeships) becomes a code 3.

    Just a suggestion


    Martin West

    Hi Alan,

    As they last used code 01 in 2003 I expect that they meant for code 1 use 02 for Intermediate Apprentice (it’s the way I would read it).


    Alan Taws

    Unless I’ve really misunderstood everything an Intermediate Level has always been a code 3 even though Intermediate represents level 2 provision. And Advanced has always been a code 2 even though it represents level 3 provision. i.e. everything has always been completely backward.

    I was just wondering/hoping that they might actually fix this.


    Martin West

    Hi Alan,
    Sorry was a typo error, should have been 03 for Intermediate and 02 for Advanced.
    Same thoughts as you why this is completely backward and not aligned to the level I have never understood.



    Where do you find the NAS-AccesstoApprenticeships-ILRreportingtechnicaldocument-29July2011.pdf document?


    Martin West

    Martin West

    Hi Gary,

    For clarification:

    This document applies to last year 2011/12 only.

    The requirements for this year are contained in the single 2012/13 funding guidance and ILR specifications

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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