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    Hi All

    I was just wondering what everyone else’s interpretation of the rule around accommodation costs was?

    We are just putting a costing model together for one of our apprenticeships. In order for many of our apprentices to attend training at an external provider they do need to travel and stay over in a hotel for the duration of the course.

    The funding rules around what can be funded say the below:

    ‘Accommodation costs for learning delivered through residential modules where the residential learning is a requirement for all apprentices. Any costs for residential modules must represent value for money.’

    For our apprentices they will stay over when their home address is not a reasonable commutable distance from the college. However, this is not a requirement of all apprentices. So would we able to fund accommodation costs given not all learners will stay over?

    My gut feeling is no as it doesn’t apply for all apprentices and so by that rational would not be considered a residential module.

    Thanks in advance


    Martin West

    You are correct in that you can only include this where it is specified as a mandatory part of a Standard.



    Hi Martin

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Just to clarify: the training is a mandatory part of the standard. However only some students will need to stay over due to distance from home.

    We can’t claim the accommodation costs for this?


    Martin West

    You are misreading the funding rules as this does not apply to where ‘the training is a mandatory part’ but it applies to where ‘residential learning is specified as mandatory in the standard’
    You are correct you cannot claim.



    Thanks Martin, that is what I thought. But wanted to be sure that I could answer any subsequent questions from senior managers.

    Thanks for your help

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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