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    I have just had a “discussion” with a manager, trying to explain that if someone left a non-reg aim 9 sessions (5 weeks) before the planned end date (total planned sessions 27, and the learner only actually attended 10) they could not go down as fully achieved. This person said as far as the tutor was concerned the learner had achieved their own personal target. I said they had to go down as withdrawn and partial achievement (which is basically no achievement I know). Please tell me I am right, I think I am going mad.



    I mean, it’s not *impossible*, but I’d be questioning the quality of the individual learning plan if someone completed all of their targets having attended less than half the classes…

    I think Ofsted would have something to say about it as well…

    Theoretically, from an audit point of view, if you’ve got evidence to show that the learner completed their RARPA outcomes and the tutor has signed it off, it would be hard for an auditor to argue against the pedagogical decision, but it’s a slippery slope to go down. Non-reg works best where there’s a clear understanding from everyone teaching it about a sensible number of outcomes for the size of the course and a solid threshold of how much progression has to be made against how many of those outcomes to count as achieved (I’ve worked in providers that set 75% as that threshold).

    (sorry to get a bit philosophical, tl;dr version: yes, they’re a fail!)



    Thanks Steve, I like both the long and short answers! The other issue for me was that if “completed” the learner, we would be claiming all the funding when they didn’t really attend very much…..




    Yeah, there’s a PDSAT report that picks out early completers for precisely this reason. On accredited provision it’s not a problem if you can show a certificate to say the learner achieved early (because then you’re allowed all of the funding), but it’s always been a bit wobbly on non-reg formula-funded work because the achievement can be, with the best will in the world, a bit subjective…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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