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    We currently record actual learning end dates against each individual aim based on when they last completed learning on that particular aim.

    So for example, a learner completed FS English learning on 15/01/2017. They then just did some NVQ learning in March this year. They then leave early (do not complete their framework) we would put the English actual end date as the January date and the NVQ and programme as the March date. However the funding rules say the below:

    Leaving learning
    A101. You must report the learning actual end date in the ILR for a learner who leaves learning as the last day that they took part in learning.

    A102. If an apprentice leaves without achieving, the last date of learning for all learning aims, including the apprenticeship programme learning aim, is the last date where you have evidence that the apprentice was still in learning.

    Do people interpret this that we can put the same date for all aims (ie March in my example)?



    We record the last date of learning for all non-achieved aims as the last date that any learning took place, regardless of whether each aim was covered in that session. This is in line with the funding guidance and was confirmed on this forum by SFA staff a year or so ago – if you search something like “last date of learning for withdrawal” you’ll find the thread.

    However, if a learner has completed an aim and then withdraws we put the actual learning end date for that aim. So in the example you used we would put the January date for English but the March date for all other aims.




    Thanks Vix,

    I will try and find that thread.

    We have always taken the view that we need to evidence each aim we claim for on an on going basis (not necessarily every single month in order as such but as long as there is progress against each aim regularly). We have also taken aims back to the last date of evidenced learning so we don’t over claim.

    In theory you could open all aims at start, only make progress against one aim, but then close all aims down five months later on the same date. Doesn’t seem correct to me that!



    Martin West

    Hi All,
    I think many misread the following:
    P188. If an apprentice leaves without completing their apprenticeship, the last date of learning, including the apprenticeship programme learning aim, is the date you have evidence the apprentice was still in learning for any learning that is part of their apprenticeship.

    I understand that the SFA introduced this rule to simplify the process when a learner withdraws and I think the intention was to establish that you should record on the programme aim the last date the learner was in learning be it that this could come from any of the aims.

    You have also to take into consideration the following rules to ensure that you do not over claim funding and this may require individual end dates for each aim where this would result in an over claim.
    P214. You must accurately complete all ILR fields as required in the ILR specification, even if they are not used for funding. Where your data does not support the funding you have claimed, we will take action to get this corrected and could recover funds.
    P215. The ILR must accurately reflect what has happened. You must not report inaccurate information even where you perceive that this would result in a more equitable claim for funding or accurate record of performance.

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