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  • rupal

    Does anyone know…
    Can we ask Learner to pay directly to the professional body and assessment fees under AAT Level 2 Legal entitlement qualification delivery?

    OR if the learner is having financial problem, can we fund them and claim it on additional learner support fund?

    As it is mentioned on Rules that provider can not charge any fees to learner exercising legal entitlement.

    Please guide



    Anyone please light up on this issue..

    I am getting seizures now 😉


    Ruth CJ


    AEB Funding rules say;

    You must not make compulsory charges relating to the direct costs of delivering
    a learning aim to learners we fully fund, including those with a statutory
    entitlement to be fully funded for their learning. Direct costs include any essential
    activities or materials without which the learner could not complete and achieve
    their learning.

    And defines Direct Costs of Learning as;

    Any costs for items without which it would be impossible for
    the learner to complete their learning aim. This can include
    the costs of registration, examination or any other activities
    or materials without which the learner cannot achieve their
    programme of study.

    To me, that looks like you can’t charge if the student is fully funded. That’s just my interpretation.



    Thanks Ruth for reply.
    That is what exactly I understood, however, in that situation, more than £500 goes for registration and examination fees and total funding value is ONLY £1265 which leaves approx £700 to deliver the qualification which is not covering the cost at all.

    Is there any one delivering AAT L2 qual under legal entitlement?



    Not sure if the learner is eligible, but if they are, here goes:

    Hardship 229. Hardship funds can be used for the following. 229.1 Course-related costs, including course trips, books and equipment (where costs are not included in the funding rate), domestic emergencies and emergency accommodation. 229.2 Transport costs (but not to make a block contribution to post-16 transport partnerships or routinely fund transport costs that are covered in the local authority’s legal duty for learners of sixth-form age). 229.3 Examination fees. 229.4 Accreditation fees, professional membership fees and any fees or charges due to external bodies. 229.5 Your registration fees. 229.6 Support provided by others, or by providing items, services or cash direct to the learner. This can be a grant or a repayable loan. 229.7 To support learners on a traineeship including the work placement element


    Ruth CJ

    Mimido – I saw that, but I think that would apply if the learner were not fully funded.

    rupal – Yes, we do a few, and we don’t charge. I’m afraid I don’t know how the delivery team manage with the small amount of money.



    Hi Ruth,

    I think the support is especially available to fully funded learner.

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