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    Looking at the letter on AEB procurement., the following text covers the issue of aligning to technical provision. I’ve highlighted the key part of the text below, in relation to short courses:

    21. The SFA reserves the right to prioritise contract awards if Applicants bid to deliver to one or more of the key policy priorities outlined below.

    d. Delivery of technical programmes for adults aged 19-23, without an existing Level 2 and Level 3 qualification and eligible for current legal entitlement….

    o For learners operating below Level 2 (the level of a Technical Certificate) or Level 3 (Tech Level), we expect Applicants to offer provision that will support those adults into technical education through locally responsive technical education ‘tasters’. Along with the mix of basic knowledge and skills needed to access technical routes in the future, these should also take an account of the need to support independent living skills or engagement activity supporting adults to operate confidently and effectively in life and work

    For the purposes of working with these learners furthest away from the workplace, we proposed that our provision will be made up of short courses (perhaps around 8 weeks or so) or as part of a ‘taster’ to support learners into further studies in technical education.

    Can anyone clarify whether this will satisfy the ‘track record’ of delivering technical programmes as outlined in paragraph 23.b of the same letter?

    Again the letter says either tell us what you’ve done and prove it or tell us what you’re going to do and how you intend to deliver it.

    I understand that an answer may not be coming out quick due to the election call this morning and the huge impact this will have on all funding policy work at present.

    Thanks, Paul

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