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    We have an enquiry from an 18 year old who is doing an apprenticeship with another provider. She wants to do an evening accounting course with us (which is normally fundable). I can only assume her other provider doesn’t offer the same course. We’re saying she can’t because we can neither claim funding nor charge her (as she’s 18). As you can imagine, she’s not very happy, as she wants to do this to give herself more skills, and doesn’t want to wait until 19/20. The whole rationale of an apprenticeship being full time, so they shouldn’t have time for further study, doesn’t stack up in this case, as this course is full of full time employed adults.

    She’s asking if it would be ok if her employer paid. What do you think?

    Thank you


    Martin West

    Hi Ruth,
    The funding rules do not prohibit the employer from funding (at full cost) the provision of additional training or qualifications to an Apprentice, this would be the only option for your learner due to the restrictions in the funding rules.
    This is not an uncommon practice.


    Ruth CJ

    Thanks Martin. We’ve never had a student in this position where their employer was prepared to pay before. Interesting to know that this is common.


    Martin West

    I should have said it was common prior to the levy but for many levy paying employers their levy contribution has now replaced their own training budgets and they cannot use the levy for any training other than Apprenticeships.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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