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    The funding rules make it very clear no cost should be charged to an apprentice.

    We have heard however of some companies who are charging, non completion/withdrawal fees to apprentices or having clauses of a minimum time frame to remain with an employer after completion or face a fee.

    My question is, is this legal? and as a apprentice provider would it be our responsibility check/control this?

    Thank you in advance



    Not sure about the legality side of things but the rules make it clear that this cannot be done: “[Apprentices must] not be asked to contribute financially to the direct cost of learning or assessment (this includes where an apprentice leaves their programme early; employers must not claim training or assessment costs back from ex-apprentices.)”

    As far as i am concerned, as a provider we are obligated to protect the Apprentice so i would certainly be raising this as an issue with the employer reminding them what the rules they signed up to state

    It would be down to our business development professionals to ensure any such issue was rectified and our SLA makes it clear the employer must not do this before they are signed up

    I would see this in the same way as if our apprentice was working in a dangerous site or was being paid below minimum wage

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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