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    I am of the understanding that, for example, if an apprentice has completed and achieved the NVQ part and for whatever reason there has been a delay of claiming the certificate so it over the three month period then the record remains on the ILR as ‘completed’ and ‘waiting certificate’.
    I have spoken to someone recently who, in the example given above, would withdraw or even remove the record from the ILR and then when the certificate is received then they would reinstate/add the aim back onto the ILR.

    Surely their funding ‘will be all over the place’ – just wondered what other people think?



    We claim the outcome as achieved and if the certificate is not received within the 3 months, we then remove the data. As you say it is rather messy, but this is the way recommended by the Service Desk.
    There is actually less chance of the certificate not arriving within the 3 months, so we have not been impacted particularly.
    This of course may change with the Apprenticeship Standard as I believe it will take more than 3 months for this process.




    The correct guidance from the Provider Support manual is as follows:

    12.2.2 Recording framework achievements
    475. When all the elements of the apprenticeship have been completed and the Apprenticeship Declaration and Authorisation Form has been signed, the following should be recorded:
    • All the learning aims within the programme must be closed with Learning actual end date set to the date of the last learning activity for the aim(s).
    • The programme aim should be closed with the Learning actual end date recorded as the last learning activity for the entire programme.
    • The Outcome on the programme aim should be recorded as code 1 ‘Achieved’.

    There is no requirement to wait for the return of the certificate.

    Mark Shield
    ILR Specification Team
    Education and Skills Funding Agency

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