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  • Jemdeb01

    Hi there,

    I note that in the Apprenticeship funding in England guide (Aug. 18 onwards) that care leavers will receive a bursary of £1000.00. Cross referencing with ILR spec I cannot see how we report this, there does not appear to be a FAM code. I am assuming this would be how we report it to enable ESFA to allocate funds OR will we receive a separate Bursary allocation especially for this cohort which we will administer locally ?

    Guide states – Support for care leavers

    Care leavers can experience extra barriers when making the transition to the world of work and we want apprenticeships to help them overcome those. These barriers can include particular financial hardship and living independently at a young age.

    We are introducing a £1,000 bursary payment to support care leavers aged 16-24 starting an apprenticeship.

    This bursary will help to meet the costs they incur as they transition into work and support them in the first year of their apprenticeship, when wages can be lower for some apprentices. We will pay this once to each care leaver in the eligible age range starting an apprenticeship, via their training provider.

    Many thanks Debbie


    Martin West

    FAM code 363 identifies care leavers in 2018/19



    Hi Martin,

    Many thanks but after a further review of the ILR spec I still cannot see any reference to this ? Can you direct me to the page where this code is identified please.



    Martin West

    It will be in one of the Appendices
    Learning Delivery FAM Code – LDM – Learning delivery monitoring codes
    The 2018/19 version has not been issued yet but the code is in this year:



    Got it – thanks Martin !



    363’s the code for AEB learners in receipt of low wages, Martin – 362 seems to be the care leavers one.



    Correct –

    362 Apprentice care leavers This code should be used to identify apprentices who do not wish their employer to be informed that they are a care leaver. Y 01/08/2018

    363 Learners in receipt of low wages This code is used to fully fund eligible co-funded learners who earn less than £15,736.50 annual gross salary. This is based on the Social Mobility Commission’s low pay threshold of £8.07 (hourly rate in 2016) and on the assumption of a 37.5 hour contract with paid statutory holiday entitlement. 01/08/2018


    Henry ESFA

    Please note that the correct code to use is EEF4.




    Martin West

    Hi Henry,
    Thanks for the clarification.
    So, it is EEF4 for generating the incentive and bursary payments for a 19-24 a care leaver and LDM 362 for apprentices who do not wish their employer to be informed that they are a care leaver.
    2018-19 funding rules would be a help, any news on when?



    Where is this EEF4 actually documented? I can’t find it in the ILR spec or the Provider Support Manual.



    Martin West

    In ILR Specifications: LearningDeliveryFAM – EEF Eligibility for enhanced apprenticeship funding
    Refer to the ILR guidance documents for further details about when to use the EEF codes
    EEF 4 – Entitlement to extended funding for apprentices
    This is covered in the ILR Provider Support Manual 6.4.2 Funding model 36: Learning Delivery FAM Eligibility for enhanced apprenticeship funding:
    EEF 4 The apprentice has been in the care of the local authority as defined in the Funding Rules.



    Thanks both.

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