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    Please can anyone help with a query. We have a very keen learner (16-18yrs) who is on track to finish just before the 366 days, even with us setting him more stretching work. We had a plan to carry on with his learning until his 1 year is up in the 1st week of October. He has now decided he wishes to change career and complete a different apprenticeship but not until September. He has found an employer who is willing to start him after he finishes the apprenticeship with us, however the big issue is the College he will complete the new Apprenticeship with need him to start College in September. The only two options I can think of is he technically doesn’t achieve his apprenticeship with us due to being under the 366 days (frustratingly by only about 3 weeks) or he can’t start the other apprenticeship. Any ideas?



    Hi Vicky
    Surely there is more than one provider who offers the apprenticeship this learner wants to move on to. it would be a great shame to withdraw when so close
    I’m surprised that the college is being so strict and risking losing a learner an employer by insisting on a September start
    I would certainly help the learner / employer find a more flexible provider


    Martin West

    Hi Vicky,
    You say the learner has found an employer who is willing to start him after he finishes his Apprenticeship with you in October, so no issue there.
    As it is now employers who provide Apprenticeships and not College’s or Learning Providers the new employer will need to select a Prime who can provide the training they require when they require it.
    I do not see any ‘big issue’ and suggest that you advise the learner and their new employer accordingly or am I missing something here.



    Hi, Thanks for your replies, but the learner has a specific local College he wants to go to and as it is electrical app that he is going onto. I’ve spoken to the College and they want all the learners to start in class in September and won’t change from that date as they’ve previously found that learners who miss the first few weeks struggle to catch up. The employer and learner are happy with this provider (except starting in sept) and it’s the only one that the learner can travel to


    Martin West

    Hi Vicky,
    Best advise that a new Apprenticeship cannot be started until the learner has completed or withdrawn from their current Apprenticeship.
    It is up to the New Employer to select the Training Provider.

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