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  • Ruth CJ

    Does anyone else transfer apprentices from one pathway to another within the same framework?

    It’s something we do from time to time, but we’re obviously concerned about the implications regarding funding for pathway transfers after 1st May (that started before 1st May). You’re supposed to code pathway changes as a transfer (PSM is really clear), but what if that’s after 1st May 2017? Employers are not going to negotiate to pay for an apprentice that’s part way through their programme, and just changing pathway (electrical to mechanical or vice versa is typical).

    I’ve queried the service desk. The first time, they said that pathway changes can stay on the old funding method. Excellent! Except, there’s a new validation rule that won’t allow funding stream 35 after 1st May unless it’s coded as a Restart. A pathway change isn’t a restart, so I asked if we should use the restart indicator for pathway transfers. The reply was that transfers after the 1st May have to be coded as 36! That directly contradicts what they said about using the old funding method for pathway changes *sigh*.

    So, I’m querying again, and I just wondered if anyone else had received another response. Does anyone even have this issue?




    The response I ve had in the past is that we can just change the pathway number and there is no need to show it as a transfer.

    My query related to minimum duration so by doing the above meant that the student would meet minimum duration.


    Ruth CJ

    That will probably be what we have to do as I can’t see an alternative, but it contradicts what the Provider Support Manual says!

    I honestly don’t think they know their own rules half the time.


    Ruth CJ

    So it turns out the original reply I got was wrong. I was told;

    Where there is a pathway change for an apprenticeship which has already been started, that will continue on the old funding system.

    Then later told that transfers had to be coded as 36. Pathway changes are, by definition in the PSM, transfers. So that didn’t tally. Clearly they weren’t aware of the PSM rules.

    So, since there’s no way that employers are going to negotiate a payment part way through, we’re going with your option jessicar! I’d rather follow the PSM rules, but we don’t have an option here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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