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    So the Apprenticeship service is up and running and we have had a couple of communications to show that is now working.

    One of them is an existing employer who has asked for us to put their existing learners into the system. But can I just check, my understanding is the service is for starts 1st May 2017 onwards not for existing learners.

    Or can they use the system to track their current apprentices too?

    Many thanks



    Hi Christina,

    At present it is only for starts from 1st May onwards.

    Kind regards,



    Dolly the Sheep

    Good Morning

    I am an employer provider & have put some of my apprentices onto Apprenticeship services successfully.
    However I now need to amend some details.
    I have logged in as the provider & done this, it says: Changes pending.
    When I log in as the employer to approve these changes, it say: Under development

    Can you confirm when this will be ready for us to approve our apprentices changes so that they match the ILRs?
    Thanks for your help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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