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  • Watertrain

    In a level 4 SASE framework [and the proposed Standard] detail that Functional Skills are Not Applicable is there any obligation on the provider to deliver FS.
    Employers have engaged with the framework on the basis of FS not being required.
    Please advise


    Martin West

    From the Funding rules from May 2017:
    P105. For apprenticeships at level 3 and above, or where level 2 English and maths are a mandatory part of the framework and the apprentice does not already hold acceptable qualifications (please see published list):
    105.1. apprentices must achieve level 2 functional skills or GCSE qualifications grade A* to C (or 4 to 9) in English and maths before taking the end-point assessment or achieving an apprenticeship framework.



    Thanks Martin. Yes, I was aware of page 105 and it was this that sat behind my question. Does 105 in essence overrule a framework or Standard that does not include FS as a requirement?


    Martin West

    The minimum level required by government is:
    • For level 2 apprenticeships, achieve level 1 English and maths and take the test for level 2 prior to taking their end-point assessment.
    • For level 3 to 7 apprenticeships, achieve level 2 English and maths prior to taking their end-point assessment.
    Or above this if specified in the framework/standard.



    Hi Watertrain,
    We provide L4 Management Apprenticeships and the framework contains the following entry requirement:

    “Candidates seeking to undertake this apprenticeship must be able to demonstrate ability
    equivalent to or exceeding Level 2 in English and mathematics. This requirement may be met
    through the achievement of Level 2 functional skills, equivalent GCSEs, O Levels, A Levels or
    AS Levels, or an initial assessment which demonstrates the required ability.”

    As such, we don’t deliver functional skills as part of the framework as the learner must provide evidence of achievement at (or soon after) enrollment. I don’t know if other L4 frameworks have this entry requirement or what the requirement for standards will be, but hope that this info gives you somewhere to start looking.



    Thanks Vix. Page 20 of the Framework states:
    Apprentices must complete or have completed one of the English transferable skills
    qualifications and one of the Mathematical transferable skills qualifications listed below in order to successfully complete their Apprenticeship and this will carry the QCF five credit values. If they do not have these qualifications as part of their evidence an Apprenticeship certificate cannot be awarded.
    Listed below are the Functional Skills against which is detailed Not Applicable. This is a generic text in the SASE Frameworks and unless grades are included in these boxes there is no requirement to deliver FS. We have had similarly with the Level 5 Health L&M with the framework text identical and no need for FS. The Level 4 Intelligence Operations I am enquiring about has identical text in the framework.
    The issue, as Martin pointed out, is that the revised funding rules now suggest that regardless of the framework of a Standard FS is required if the SFA are going to fund the apprenticeship / allow the employer to use the Levy.
    Are these pages monitored by the SFA?
    If so, perhaps someone can help



    Yeah, that is quite confusing.

    Let’s hope someone from the SFA can help – they do monitor the pages and I have seen replies from them.

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