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  • Alastair Gilbert

    Can anyone point me at some documentation on how to use the information in the Learning Aims tab on the hub?

    I’m not after instructions on how to search it (that seems pretty straightforward and I found some documentation for it anyhow). I need to understand what the information is telling me. Some of the questions I’m trying to get my head round include:

    1. Having searched for a learning aim and looked in the funding tab, I’m often confronted by multiple different figures in the section under Adult Learning (e.g. Adult Learner responsive, Employer responsive, Matirx) and usually both weighted or unweighted. Where do I find out which applies?

    2. For most learning aims I search for, no funding is listed for 16 – 19 EFA. Surely 16 – 19 are eligible for funding for most learning aims where Adult SKills funding is available? Why no amount? How do I calculate how much we’ll get for a 16 – 19 year old?

    3. What happens when a learner joins part way through the course? If they achieve do we get the full amount or is it reduced?

    While I’d be delighted to receive answers to these specific questions, what I’m really after is a link to the documentation that covers these sorts of issues. I can’t seem to find it in the funding rules (which would seem to be the obvious place to look).



    Andrew Tan

    Hi Alistair,

    I’m not sure documentation exists that would specifically answer your questions, though I’m happy to be corrected.

    This is how I understand things to be:
    1. For AEB funding it would be the Matrix rows that apply. The others are no longer relevant. You can check this by looking at the Effective To dates in each section. The key date is the Last Date for New Starts.

    2. 16-19 funding is based on the number of planned hours for the learner, so as long as the qual is funded, the amount you receive for a learners’ study programme would be based on the total number of hours planned for that learner for that year. ie the sum of all their component parts, including the core aim, any other accredited qualifications, English and maths quals, work experience and any other non-qualification (EEP) hours.

    See page 11 here for the funding bands: (Link)

    3. Assuming we’re talking about adults and that the planned end date is in the same academic year, then if they still achieve by the end of the same academic year, they would draw down the same amount of funding as learners who had started earlier in the year. If the learning is planned to be of the same duration, but crossing into another academic year, then the funding would be split according to the amount of time in each academic year.

    I hope that makes sense and apologies if you are aware of any of this already.



    Alastair Gilbert

    I’m new to all this so I’m rarely aware of anything! Thank you. Very helpful.


    Martin West

    Alastair Gilbert

    Thanks you. Looks like an excellent place to start.

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