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    I’ve been asked to check how many apprentices in 15/16 were from super output depravation areas.

    Is there an easy and quick way to check this?

    Thank you.



    Not sure about the definition of super output deprivation areas but the following website lets you upload a csv of postcodes and gives the indices of deprivation for each one:

    Very handy little tool sometimes.


    Martin West

    This may help:
    94. We use the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) from 2015 to calculate disadvantage funding for apprenticeship frameworks only. Disadvantage funding is based on an apprentice’s postcode before they start learning (recorded as ‘Prior to enrolment’ in the ILR Postcode field and Contact Type).
    95. You will earn additional payments of £600 towards the costs of training for apprentices recruited from the 10% most deprived areas in England, £300 for the 11-20% most deprived areas and £200 for the 21-27% most deprived areas.

    If you look up a postcode’s Index of Multiple Deprivation Rank and use the following formula you can check if the % comes in any of the three funding bands for disadvantaged funding

    %=ROUNDDOWN(((Index of Multiple Deprivation Rank/32844)*100),0)

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