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    Hi, how do we draw this money down for 19+ learners via AEB? It used to be a separate line in our allocation letter – now it is not. I have a feeling that we just enter it in the claim return to ESFA at year end. Is there a min/max amount as this is also not mentioned anywhere in our allocation letter.



    Hi Chris

    You need to read the Learner Support Fund paras of the AEB 17/18 rules, 225 onwards.

    LSF was rolled into AEB two years ago. Although there aren’t *explicit* min/maxes in the Rules, it is understood that this amount should be in the vicinity of what you were spending when it was separate. The only precise rule is you’re not allowed to spend more than 5% of your 15/16 allocation on admin (para 226). What one does if one didn’t have an allocation at that point is unclear…




    Learner support ie Hardship, Childcare is entered on each of the 3 claim forms and should represent actual costs
    Learning Support – ie ALS £150 earned per month regardless of cost, and is entered on the ILR.

    This is my understanding anyway


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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