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  • lisa.claydon

    I have got 5 DLOCK errors on my 17/18, I have checked the digital account ( I am also the employer) and I am aware why payments has stopped as they are now off programme.

    do I just leave them on the DLOCK error report? as I am not sure what I should be doing to clear them. they are leavers on PICS and the digital account.

    DLOCK_10 The employer has stopped payments for this apprentice
    DLOCK_12 The employer has paused payments for this apprentice

    Many Thanks in advance



    i am also having this same problem I have contacted Service desk for assistance but nothing yet.



    Glad its not just me, I have also contacted the service desk, if I get a resolution I will post here 🙂



    Hi we also have a DLock 12 and have contacted the service desk. Hopefully we can all resolve our issues before 18 October.



    I also have DLOCK issues which the service desk are unable to help with



    We are also having such issues with breaks in learning. We were not that the employer needed to stop rather than pause the payments



    We ave the same issue and no response from ESFA (DLOCK_10 and DLOCK_12)



    Hi Everyone

    We did get a reply from ESFA re DLOCK_12 on Saturday morning and I’ve posted the response under a new topic area called ‘R14 DLOCK_12’ so everyone could see it clearly.

    Essentially if you have the DLOCK_12 response ESFA know its a system issue so you don’t need to do anything about it as it will resolve itself when you submit your R14.

    However, other DLOCK issues I’ve not asked ESFA about unfortunately as the DLOCK_12 was the only issue we had.

    Hope this helps to resolve some of your issues.


    Henry ESFA

    “The ESFA would advise that this answer does not wholly reflect previous advice provided.

    As per this thread – http://feconnect.sfa.bis.gov.uk/forums/topic/r14-dlock_12/

    – the full advice is – ‘Some providers have been seeing DLOCK_12 (Apprenticeship Paused) errors against their apprenticeships during R14 ILR Submission, even though their apprenticeship is currently active or stopped. This is a known issue with the service which will be resolved in R14 – Month End. If the learner is currently active or stopped and there are no other data match errors, there is no need to take any actions, all payments will be calculated correctly in R14’

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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