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    We are an Employer Provider, however some of our employees still complete programmes with external providers.

    We deliver one standard alongside a partner training provider. Currently they are training a cohort of our employees on that standard, and we also are delivering the same standard to a different cohort of employees.

    We have a learner who wishes to depart the external training provider programme for personal reasons. The learner would be happy to restart their learning at a later date, and has expressed interest in completing that apprenticeship with us as Employer Provider.

    We understand there are procedures to follow with regards to our relationship with the external training provider, alongside our duty to the employee.

    With regards to the instance when the learner wishes to restart his training, is there anything additional we should consider when then registering them with us?

    I’m thinking in particular about claiming for funding for this learner when he restarts.

    Please do let me know your thoughts,

    Many thanks


    Martin West

    The guidance for this from the ILR Provider Support Manual is:

    Transfers to a different provider on the same or a different apprenticeship
    722. The original provider closes the ILR records for the apprentice and records any repayment of co-investment as applicable using PMR records.
    723. The new provider will create new learning aims for the apprentice with new start dates and planned end dates as applicable. The new provider must record the new price for the programme using AFinType = TNP and AFinCode 1 and 2 as applicable, the Apprenticeship contract type FAM must also be recorded.



    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I just want to be absolutely certain that there is nothing additional we should do as an employer provider when a learner departs an external training provider and begins the same programme a few months after with ourselves as training provider?

    I am conscious there may be the suggestion of procedural impropriety if not managed carefully as we are effectively moving training funding from an approved third party to ourselves, despite there being fully legitimate reasons for that move.

    Interested to know your thoughts,



    Apologies, I have an addition.

    With regards to the learning completed with the other training provider, should we do an exemption analysis for what we will be claiming for the learner based on what he has already completed?

    With that in mind what evidence should we be seeking that the learner has acquired those skills, knowledge and behaviours we wouldn’t be applying for funding for?

    Many thanks again,


    Martin West

    Hi Rebeca,
    This is not an uncommon practice although it will have an impact on the previous providers success rates, you should inform the current provider so that they are aware of the situation.
    The new TNP record would be the remaining cost as some funding will have been drawn down by the previous provider.

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