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    Does anyone share my opinion of the funding rules (post 1st May 2017) for Employer Contributions for a 19+ Apprentice where the employer is under 50 Employees. My understanding of the rules suggest that whilst the government will co-invest at 90% we cannot claim the remaining 10% from the employer where the learner is 19+ and they employ less than 50 employees.

    106. You must not request any employer contribution (please see paragraphs 175 to 178) to the cost of an apprenticeship up to the maximum value of the funding band if an employer employing fewer than 50 people (49 or fewer) recruits an eligible apprentice.

    176. The only exceptions to employer co-investment are for:
    176.2. where the employer qualifies for small employer support (please see paragraphs 105 to 109)



    Apprenticeship technical funding guide V2 states

    Extra Support for small employers:
    we will waive the co-investment requirement for employers with fewer than 50 employees if the apprentices is defined as a 16 to 18 year old or an eligible 19-24 year old as described in the funding rules. Where the employer is eligible for the co-investment to be waived and also pays the levy we will not use their digital funds

    I read this that the waiver is only for 16/18 and for 19+ the co-investment rules apply



    Thanks Wendy, we agree with you regarding the interpretation of the technical funding guide V2 paragraph 52 but our concern is that the different statements from the Apprenticeship Funding Rules and the Apprenticeship Technical Funding Guide seem to contradict each other. Is there a hierarchy of document priority which can be used to decide which rule to follow?




    when you read the whole of the section regarding the small employer support (P95 in V2 of the funding and performance management rules) it references the waiver for 16/18 less than 50 employees etc. this waiver doesn’t apply to 19+ apprentices, as you know, so this section doesn’t apply to them. Normal co-investment rules apply to 19+ from small employers

    Don’t make it any more complicated than it already is, please:)

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