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    I have an under 19 Apprentice that has started an Engineering program at the start of March.

    He is being rejected from FIS by an error ‘DateOfBirth_45’ against the L2 Diploma in Engineering Technology (50075950) aim. This is because in the ‘Section 96’ area of the learning aims database it has a ‘Section 96 Review Date’ of 28/02/2017. I am assured that this qual is correct and current for the framework and still shows as so in the learning aims database.

    On the section 96 website however it has moved to the ‘archived qualification’ area.

    Will this be a genuine error and if so who do you appeal to get it moved back?





    Interesting that the EFA study programme Last Date For New Starts is 28/2/17 as well (which will be related to the same thing). Is it Performance Table-related because it’s only 330 hours?

    I think you’re out of luck to be honest, and you’ll need to move to a new qual, although I see it’s still valid for adults (in the classroom) until July 18…




    Have run through the FIS again and is now fine.

    The latest LAD update has changed the LDNS to 31/12/2017 – miracles sometimes do happen in FE data.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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