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    I hope someone can please help, we have inducted our first learners in May and processed on our system. I have ran the batch file through the FIS but I am getting the following error against all the learners:

    LearnDelFAMType_63 – If the learning aim is not part of an apprenticeship funded programme, then the Apprenticeship contract type must not be entered.

    I thought I had coded my standard and framework learners up correctly and I am getting the same error on them both types of apprenticeships. I also thought that the ACT has to be completed if the learner is Levy or non-Levy so I am not sure why it is telling me not to enter this?

    Any help or guidance people could give me would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks




    After reading the detail in the validation rules document for this error code, it sounds like the ACT should only be recorded on apprenticeship programme aims (aim type 1) and funded English and Maths component aims. Therefore if you have any other aims recorded on the ILR, then ACT should not be recorded on these.

    However, I stand to be corrected if anyone knows definitively.



    Thank you for your help with this, it has worked! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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