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  • chrisbradley

    Hello, as I am sure everyone else is doing I am currently always keeping my version of the FIS up to date given the significant apprenticeship arrangements changes on the look-out for updates to validation etc. particularly for the new funding model code 36.
    I find it disappointing that what I would consider to be the point of reference to double-check I have all of the latest updates correctly loaded would be the list of these accessed via the FIS link from the Hub home page. Not to be I am afraid. I see that the list last update as of today is 21st April so the advice of what should be in a totally up to date FIS is way out of date. I have pointed this out to the support team before however clearly not considered to be important enough. How difficult would it be at the time the FIS updated feature is released to update an information table?
    Any view ESFA please? Who is this little bit subcontracted out to perhaps?
    It is annoying and a poor service.
    Thank you


    Caspar Verney

    I agree that this is quite unacceptable. End users rely on this information, but it is not apparently regarded as important by those responsible for it.

    I can recognise that it is more important to get a correctly working update out to end users (in the last few days there have been plenty of postings about new or changed rules causing errors through FIS where the underlying data is unchanged and apparently without problem). In such circumstances it is perhaps more important to get the problems in FIS itself sorted, but to have a nearly 4 week lag on the “definitive” list is ludicrous and does need serious attention please to find a permanent solution.

    As FIS is due to be replaced, personally I am extremely concerned that these sort of issues will be glossed over as unimportant and I would hope that the ESFA can make some genuine and substantive moves to resolve both this current problem and ensure that they positively prevent it from being repeated either on the current system or on the new.

    Thank you


    Elaine C

    I would be grateful if someone can point me to the right direction where I can find the followings:

    1 – The business reports produced after the ILR submission. After off work for a month and suddenly I could not find any business reports in the hub any more.

    2 – We have not had any AGE reports from the ESFA since November 2016 (November was the last one). Our apprenticeship learners are mainly from the Greater Manchester area, but even contacted the GM new economic we are still getting nowhere. I checked the coding and it is correct and attached to the learner. Does the ESFA not produce those report any more for those devolved areas? We have two employers chasing us for the grant.

    Many thanks!


    Elaine C

    Please ignore my above queries as I put it wrongly under the FIS update.
    Sorry about this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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