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  • jf

    Following today’s FIS update we have had a new warning appeared number R108. The FIS error export has not description for what the warning refers to, and it does not appear on the ILR rule list. Any ideas to what this warning refers? Thanks


    Pauline Elliott

    I’ve got some of these and R107 as well. It doesn’t say whether it’s a warning or an error or anything that remotely helps you identify the issue. Helpful as ever!



    After a further FIS update the warning has turned into an error now has a description of ‘There must be a Learner Destination and Progression record present’ although the learners we have listed under this error already have such a record, so not sure why they’re showing.



    Hello JF,

    I’ve got some of these as well. I think there must be some rule about the start date of the destination record being too far in the future from the end date of the learning aim record. I tested it with a couple of records last night and when I changed the destination record start date the errors disappeared.




    Thanks jc, I’ll experiment and see if I too can make these disappear! Regards


    Hannah McDonald

    I checked this with the ESFA service centre:

    QUERY: I have run files through FIS today and received 3 errors in the rule violation report, simply labelled ‘R107’ in the rule name. There is no other information in the report. No error message or field values in it. Please advise.
    FYI – I note from FE Connect another user experiencing same problem today (but they are also getting R108):

    RESPONSE: The R107 error is known it is an issue with an update made to FIS and the ILR, we are looking into this and hope to have it resolved before R10 (ILR return). You will be able to update your upload your data and this will correct once the error has been rectified.



    Thank you for this Hannah



    What would I do without Feconnect?

    I just ran a batch through FIS, got some R107 and R108 and lo… the answer was here!

    Two of mine were real errors (one missing D&P entry and one late D&P entry as John found) but the other two are actually on a Break in Learning so definitely FIS is triggering wrongly.

    Now to find out why I’ve got 59 R99 (The learner has more than one programme aim at the same time) suddenly appearing. Sampling them – these are all learners who went on a Break and Restarted. Data looks OK in PICS.



    Just found the thread on R99 as well!



    We have a learner who completed in October and was unemployed, looking for work. She got a job in January and the destination was recorded appropriately. Dates were within 6 months of her completion. She is still appearing on FIS as an R108 error, so I have reported it to SFA.

    When I check the ILR, she does have a valid destination being reported, so I can only think the FIS error is an issue which shouldn’t happen in this case.

    I will update everyone when I hear something back from SFA.





    We have also had a number of R108 errors this month, I can see that the validation rules were updated last week on the 18th. The error is now coming up if you have not reported the outcome within two months of the actual end date – even though the spec says you have six months to report this for learners who were unemployed and looking for work.





    We now have these errors. Is this correct? Why can validation rules just be changed without notice (other than releasing the validation rules spread sheet) leaving us all to mass panic and collect and update this data. I actually thought this would be a known issue when I first seen this.


    Emma Topham

    We also have R108 error relating to destination however this apprentice left their programme in July (2015/16) so the record should not be showing at all.

    We have created a new record as of earlier this month as confirmation from a TA that the ex-apprentice is still working in company.

    The error is directly from the HUB so not a FIS problem.

    The last time I reported an error on the batch I reported it to the Data Service but had no response until 4 months later – luckily I found the solution on the forum!

    Does anyone know why these are appearing?




    New ILR validation list released 26 May 2017 makes no reference to the R107 warning issue.

    We are Still getting these.


    Caspar Verney

    So does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?



    Hi there

    Has there been any update on this rule. As of lunchtime today I still have 4 learners and as far as I can tell their data is OK.

    Many thanks


    Martin West

    For R108 I found the errors all related to incorrect dates, after correction all is ok.

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