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    Good Morning

    I am looking for some advice, if a learner has not reached a level 2 aged 19-23, as i read it they will not be able to attand a Local Flexibility course and must attend training under legal entitlement criteria.

    Does this mean that if we have provision to provide training in order to place into employment we can not offer them the training unless they have attained a Level 2 in a core subject 1st.



    This has come up previously in debate about entitlements.

    My understanding from earlier conversations is that if your student is unemployed and in receipt of a valid unemployment benefit then they are also entitled to be taught a qualification from the Local Flexibility pot to help them gain employment.

    I’m sure I’ll be corrected by colleagues if I’ve missed any updates to this.


    Alan Taws

    For 19-23 learners yet to attain full level 2 you can deliver up to and including level 1 fully funded from local flexibilities. If you are looking to provide their first full level 2 then that will be fully funded but you are limited to legal entitlements. If the learner already has full level 2 then you can deliver from legal entitlements and local flexibilities but it will be co-funded unless learner is classed as unemployed



    Please can you comment on whether you believe my understanding for 19-23 year olds is accurate (we don’t have Level 1 courses to lead into Level 2):

    LE2: For certain courses, if this is your FIRST Full Level 2 qualification* {*Biology GCSE – LE2 if this is fifth GCSE to make Full L2}
    Unemployed: If you have already achieved a full Level 2 but are unemployed, on Active Benefits and need to remove a barrier for getting into work
    Discretion: Subject to College discretion if you are unemployed but not on Active Benefit and earn less than a certain threshold –
    see criteria at bottom of page
    Low Wage: If you are eligible for the Subsidised Fee BUT you earn less than £15,736.50 gross annual salary, subject to satisfactory evidence, you may be entitled to the course for free

    Otherwise it is co-funded (Subsidised Fee) to pay in full or by Instalment Plan.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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