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  • Kevin Bunn

    Can some please point me the right direction in the Funding Rules, my understanding is that if someone completes a IA and comes out as working AT level 1 then I cannot claim Funding at Level 1 for this Learner, even if they do not have any GCSE’s?

    I can claim if they come out as working TOWARDS Level 1.

    Please help I feel that I am going MAD, as I cannot find the rule now!


    Martin West

    Hi Kevin,
    For the AEB you must:
    176.3 enrol the learner on a level above that at which they were assessed and be able to provide evidence of this.

    For Apprenticeships the same rule is applied as:
    P129.2 Where the apprentice does not already hold approved level 1 qualifications, but is judged by the main provider to be working at level 1 standard in English/maths:
    Apprentices must start, continue to study and take the assessment for level 2 English and maths (functional skills level 2 or GCSE). If they do not achieve a level 2, you must then ensure they take the assessment for level 1 maths and/or English – this is because they must secure the level 1 qualification in order to complete their apprenticeship.

    You must ensure that any level 2 training and assessments are taken at an early enough stage in the apprenticeship to allow time for the apprentice to take the level 1 assessment if they first do not achieve the level 2. In this scenario we will not fund costs for level 1 training and assessment. These requirements must be fulfilled before the apprentice takes the end-point assessment or achieves an apprenticeship framework.



    Kevin Bunn

    Many thanks Martin, you have saved me from jumping into a river! I knew I read it somewhere.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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