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    Hi All,
    I have an application from a candidate that is taking a gap year – has deferred her place at University for one year. She wants to do an apprenticeship during her gap year, even though she has not formally left University. I have looked through the funding rules about the eligibility but doesn’t mention this scenario. Can anyone help me if this candidate can be eligible for an apprenticeship?

    best wishes



    Without consideration of potential double funding, applicability of apprenticeship to their career and other eligibility rules, at a simplistic level, aren’t you going to fall down on minimum duration rules?




    Hi J,

    Thank you for your response.

    She will finish her apprenticeship within duration rules. Her Uni qual is not funded and she likes to complete a different qual from the one she is studying in Uni. So is there any rule to stop her from completing an apprenticeship?

    Thank you.



    Martin West

    Hi Aishe,
    Confused when you say ‘she has not formally left University’ as this would imply she has started but in these circumstances it’s not called a ‘Gap year’ as studies are usually ‘suspended’ but only where the University agrees to this.

    Are you sure you have the full facts?



    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your response. You are right I will get back to her and get more information in regards to her status.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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