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    Has anyone on here been through the gateway process for Standards?

    I am trying to find information on how the certification process for Standards will work. Obviously, for frameworks, we were using the ACE system. Is there a similar system for Standards, both those which are integrated and those which have an EPAO?

    I am particularly interested in the evidence of exemptions which will be required for English and maths. Will the evidence required be the same as it was under ACE or is there separate guidance which you would be able to direct me towards?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.





    These are questions that I also have been attempting to get answers to in recent weeks. My understanding, to date, is that the EPA need to see evidence of the English and maths qualifications and that they can determine whether something is acceptable or not.
    i.e. ours has said that they will accept a letter from the school as evidence of grades, or a statement of results.

    Seemingly, much more flexible than the ACE requirements. However, I have read somewhere recently (I can’t recall where) that the Standard certificates will be issued by ACE at the request of the EPA.

    My concern is that if we accept evidence deemed acceptable by the EPA, will it later be rejected by ACE? Not great for a learner who believes they have completed and achieved.

    I’ve been attempting to get a definite answer from the EPA and ESFA but so far, no joy!


    Martin West

    It is the ESFA not ACE who will be certifying Standards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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