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    Morning all
    You can’t claim funding for a level 3 apprenticeship standard for an individual that already holds an HND (which I believe is level 5), can you?



    Pre-May no, post April yes.



    Thanks Paul – can you point me to that part of the rules?



    Martin West

    Hi Jade,
    The 2016/17 rules for Frameworks and Standards are different in this respect:
    C12. Apprenticeship funding supports individuals to progress to higher levels of learning. Individuals who already have a qualification at Level 4 or above are only eligible for funding for a higher apprenticeship at Level 5 or above. They are not eligible for funding for an intermediate level, advanced level or Level 4 higher apprenticeship.
    D60. Apprenticeship funding supports individuals, including those with prior qualifications, from Levels 1 to 6, to progress to higher levels of learning up to Level 7. Apprentices who have successfully completed an apprenticeship at any level are not expected to start a second apprenticeship, either a framework or standard, at the same or a lower level.
    D60.1 Apprentices will be expected to progress to a higher-level qualification, for example a graduate with a Level 6 degree would progress to a Level 7 apprenticeship standard.
    D60.2 and we will not fund an apprentice to take a lower-level apprenticeship, for example an apprentice who has achieved a Level 5 qualification cannot be funded to take a Level 2 apprenticeship standard.
    D61. The only two exceptions where apprentices would not be required to progress to a higher-level qualification/apprenticeship are as follows.
    D61.1 When an apprentice starts a new role or occupation which requires a significant amount of new learning to take place. In this case the apprentice would be eligible for funding for an apprenticeship at the same level, but no lower than their current highest qualification/apprenticeship, and the training required must meet or exceed the minimum duration for the standard.
    D61.2 Where the lead provider is assured that there is sufficient new learning which meets or exceeds the minimum duration of the apprenticeship standard for individuals with A-levels as their current highest qualification. In this instance individuals can be funded to take a Level 2 apprenticeship or above.
    D61.3 Where exceptions are applied the lead provider must record this information as part of the commitment statement and retain evidence for eligibility in their apprenticeship evidence pack.

    From 1st May 2017 the following applies to both Frameworks and Standards:
    P60. We will fund an apprentice to undertake an apprenticeship at the same or lower level than a qualification they already hold, if the apprenticeship will allow the individual to acquire substantive new skills and you can evidence that the content of the training is materially different from any prior qualification or a previous apprenticeship. More information is detailed in paragraph 211.26.

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