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  • Anna Christou

    Can someone please advise on the process to claim for ALS funding for a learner on the ILR and in AQUA?

    I have seen in the Funding Rules that the ALS is £150 per month and we will need to claim back the difference. Can someone please confirm how we complete this in AQUA / the ILR and if there is a maximum amount that we will be able to claim back in total?

    Thanks in advance



    Martin West

    Hi Anna,
    Do you mean Additional Learning Support (ALS acronym, FAM code LSF Learning support funding) as this is different to Learner Support?
    The following is from the Funding Rates and Formula document.
    Learning support
    66. Learning Support is available to meet the cost of putting into place a reasonable adjustment, as set out in the Equality Act 2010, for learners who have an identified learning difficulty or disability, to achieve their learning goal.
    67. You can access this funding through the AEB Budget and you record this against a learner’s learning aim in the ILR. This includes learning support for traineeships where we calculate your funding using the 16 to 19 funding model through a specific adult contract; in this instance, you should use the EAS to claim learning support instead of the ILR.
    68. If you are claiming Learning support for a learner who is studying an apprenticeship learning aim and a non-apprenticeship learning aim in the same month, we will attribute the funding to the appropriate apprenticeships budget (16 to 18 or 19 and over). Refer to the Provider support manual for details on how to code the ILR to make a claim.
    69. If you record learning support against a learner’s learning aim in the ILR, you will earn a fixed monthly rate of £150. We expect the total you earn from the monthly rate to be enough to cover your costs. If the cost of providing support to a learner exceeds the total earned from the fixed monthly rate, you can claim this excess through the EAS.
    70. If you plan to deliver the learning aim in less than one calendar month, you must claim the value of the learning support as if it were all excess, using the EAS.
    71. If learning support is more than £19,000, you can claim exceptional learning Support using the EAS. For more information, refer to the AEB funding and performance management rules.

    You claim the fixed £150/month for any learner who needs learning support by entering a learning delivery FAM code LSF with dates from and to cover the period support is required.
    For AEB you do this on the aim for which LSF is required but for Apprenticeships this is recorded against the Programme aim.




    Hi Anna
    We used to use AQUA and claim this its been a while but to add it you had to go onto the learner enrolment open up the learners record and open up the learning aim and select the override LA Tab

    on this screen there used to be on the right side a box that said click for lsf history when you click it a new box appears where you can add detail of claim dates etc

    Try that hope it helps

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