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  • Debbie Bell

    Hi sorry if this is something that should be obvious but just wanted to check regarding reporting for R13.

    Am I right in thinking that R13 is just re-submitting R12 (as long as there were no errors or changes to be made).

    following on from that – do I leave all 16/17 starters on the ILR for that year and add any new starters on the new ILR tool for 17/18. I presume I don’t transfer learners on to the new ILR as they would come under the previous years funding? I am using the ILR tool provided via the hub.

    If that is the case, when I submit my returns, do I submit 2 different reports or merge them together and upload at once?




    Hi Debbie

    If your 16/17 starters are continuing into 17/18 then YES! you need to continue to include them in your R01 otherwise ESFA won’t know they still exist and won’t fund you for them.

    If they’ve finished before 31 July then no, don’t include them in 17/18 R01.


    Debbie Bell

    Thanks Steve. but if I’m using the ILR tool and I download the 17/18 one for my new learners, do I need to transfer my learner data over to the new tool and run one report or can I run a report from the 16/17 tool and one from the 17/18 and upload them separately?

    sorry, we are very new to this.


    Martin West

    Hi Debbie,
    You will continue to upload your 2016/17 ILR to the Hub for R13 and R14 from the 2016/17 ILR software tool.
    For 2017/18 you will need to upload R01 from the 2017/18 software tool see below.
    The ILR’s for 2016/17 and 2017/18 are separate but you can import into the 2017/18 ILR entry tool your 2016/17 learners as at P12 but you will need to migrate the records to 2017/18 (this includes only including those learners that are still active and amending any fields as per the changes to the ILR) see the migration specifications:
    and the Annex to it at:

    It looks complicated but it should not cause any issues as you upload to different collection years on the hub.
    The current version 1 of the ILR entry tool does have some issues but you can still use it to test the process until the next version is issued.


    Debbie Bell

    thank you Martin – this makes sense – and yes it looks complicated!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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