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  • Claire Williams

    Good afternoon All,
    I was wondering if anyone can provide a little clarity, as I am not as close to AEB as I used to be.
    17-18 AEB FR cites the following:
    Job outcome payments
    236. For fully-funded learners who are unemployed (including traineeships), we will pay 50% of the achievement payment if they start a job before achieving the learning aim. If the learner then achieves the learning aim, we will pay the remaining achievement payment. The following conditions apply.
    236.1 The learner must provide you with evidence through a declaration, that they have a job for at least 16 hours or more a week for four consecutive weeks.
    <236.2 Where the learner was claiming benefits relating to unemployment they must also declare that they have stopped claiming these.

    In most cases our learners complete and achieve before entering employment. Where a learner has taken a job as defined in 236.1, but is on universal credit and has not signed off as they are getting salary top-ups, does this mean that you cannot declare the learner job outcome in the destination and progression fields?

    Appreciate any advice on this point


    Martin West

    The key wording is ‘benefits relating to unemployment’ if UC includes this then JOP does not apply, its as simple as that.


    Alan Taws

    If the conditions for claiming the job outcome payment aren’t met then you can still record employment as a destination within the “Learner Destination and Progression” section of the ILR – it is the “Employment outcome” field recorded at aim level that you would leave blank unless all conditions for payment are met.


    Claire Williams

    Thanks both

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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