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  • BeckaL_NCL

    Hi all,

    We’d like to add the L5 Counselling Qual to our offer for the next academic year.

    The LA itself comes in at 480 GLH, plus 100 hours of work placement and also 20 GLH personal counselling and 13 hour supervision (all requirements to pass course) therefore a total GLH of 613 GLH.

    Table 1 (p4) in the Maximum_Loan_Amounts_2017_to_2018 doc indicates that this qual is eligible for £4,670 of Loan (programme weighting B) – are any of you offering this qual currently and would the above figures be correct for the loan amount?





    Hi Becka

    You’ll need to find the specific learning aim in the catalogue here:


    to determine the maximum loan amount. Don’t necessarily assume the table in the other document will always be correct, there’s way too many variables.

    I can only see three L5 counselling aims and they’re way below the value you’re quoting there…


    Ruth CJ

    Isn’t the maximum loan amount always the WEIGHTED RATE under the Advanced Learner Loan section on the Funding tab in the LARS? Easier than checking that spreadsheet.



    Six and two threes I’d say? If one has the LARS code it’s as easy to look up on either?

    And yes, it’s the weighted rate because counselling is PWF B.

    Either way, it aint four grand, whatever the qual is…


    Ruth CJ

    I understand where you got that value Becka, but you never need to work it out yourself. You can find it in either of the places we’ve mentioned.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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