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  • Annweldon

    We have a learner that is currently on a Traineeship programme, she is almost ready to progress to an Apprenticeship, she has informed us that she is pregnant, when meeting eligibility she wont be available for the minimum duration of 366 days as she will at some point be going onto maternity leave

    Am I right in thinking this DOES NOT stop her from progressing to the App programme

    She would when ready be placed on a BIL in order to start maternity leave

    Many Thanks


    Martin West

    This is more an issue for the Employer and Learner as 26 weeks is the employment period to qualify for paid maternity leave.



    Thanks Martin, I wasn’t really asking about the maternity leave side of things, within the funding rules we have to make sure that the learner is available for the duration of the apprenticeship, therefore 366 days on a framework, she wont be as she will be going on maternity leave – where does this leave her with regards to eligibility
    Many thanks for your help


    Martin West

    Hi Ann,
    I think you missed the point as it is up to Employer, they would have to agree to an extended Apprenticeship agreement that includes a BIL to cover maternity leave.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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