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    Just had the following from the ESFA re the requirement for functional skills or GCSE in English & Maths for apprenticeship standards:

    You will be able to use any suitable level 2 english / maths functional skills however SASE will not be exempt.

    So we’re saying that the only exemption for level 2 is now a functional skill or GCSE? Surely that’s penalising those with A levels, O levels, etc which, under SASE, would have been an exemption?




    Interesting, we haven’t as yet, delivered any standards so I am not sure of the process of claiming the apprenticeship certificate, will this still be done via ACE? I notice on the ACE website that everything still seems to refer to frameworks rather than standards.

    We will deliver standards to our H&SC learners from next month so I am watching this thread with interest, thanks for posting Darren


    Cris Hale

    That’s a very good point – I hadn’t even considered that the usual transferable skills might not apply. So how do we know GCSEs will be acceptable – is it just because they’re fundable?




    Interestingly i’ve not been able to get a definitive answer out of the ESFA helpdesk other than the above – they haven’t been willing to commit to what are “suitable” level 2 qualifications.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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