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    I’ve been asked a query I cannot find much information on, we have a learner who cannot physically attend her Community Learning course due to a broken ankle. The teacher is happy to provide the work she is missing via email and will help her keep up outside of the class. She intends to return after 8 weeks away from the course. Can we mark her as exempt for the weeks she misses knowing she is doing the work and plans to return, or must she be marked as absent and a withdrawal after 4 weeks?



    Hi Laura

    It kind of doesn’t matter because it doesn’t affect the funding and there are no official QAR stats for Community Learning (yet*). Neither is there any audit.

    So, effectively, whatever decision you make is what’s right for you as an organisation. Personally, I’d count her as absent but not withdraw her (because there is intent to return), but it rather depends how automated your systems are. Obviously, if she doesn’t make it back before the end of the course, you’d need to use her actual last date of attendance for her withdrawal.

    *the QAR documents suggest they’re looking at doing some experimental stats either this year or next



    Thank you Steve, I thought that might be the case but then couldn’t find anything. Really appreciate your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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