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  • Steven Hodges

    Hello. The minimum duration for funding purposes is the 12 months (372 days) as per the funding guidance, but when you look on the HUB for each of the standards it gives a duration on here also.(e.g Standard 196 – duration 18 Months)
    I am just trying to clarify the difference between the two. And it has raised a couple of questions:
    * So would a leaner with no prior learning be expected to be on programme for 18 months, but a learner with prior learning could be less.
    * Also as a provider, it is acceptable to deliver the apprentice in less than 18 months as long as it is above the 372 day threshold.
    Many thanks


    Martin West

    Hi Steven,
    The funding rules require not only the minimum duration as specified but also what is required in the framework or standard specification which may be longer than the minimum.

    P46. The framework or standard specification or assessment plan may require this to be longer to support the delivery of the full apprenticeship content. For apprenticeship standards, the end-point assessment can only be taken after the minimum duration has been met (see paragraph P155).

    P47. You must ensure the apprenticeship meets the minimum apprenticeship duration rules. This includes where the content, negotiated price and/or duration of the apprenticeship has been adjusted to recognise prior learning (see paragraphs P197 to P202).

    I would check the duration specified in the actual standard as most say typical or expected and do not set a minimum in which case your assumptions would be correct.


    Steven Hodges

    Hi Martin

    Thank you, this clarifies things for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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