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    Hi All,

    We have a learner who is currently been on programme doing Functional Skills English Level 2, she has not got any prior quals and chose to upskill, she is now over her programme and is struggling to achieve one element of the three at Level 2, she has achieved 2 parts at level 2 but cant get the third part.

    I understand a learner can have a spikey profile for English but how do we claim this through the ILR as she hasn’t fully achieved a Level 2 only 2/3 of it and 1/3 at level 1?

    Many Thanks



    I’ll wager it’s the writing mode!

    Sounds as though the learner could have been on the wrong learning aim as they’ve achieved 1 mode at Level 1? Might need to go back to the initial assessment / diagnostc test and see what level they should have been working toward.

    If they’re on the right learning aim, then it’s ‘no achievement’. There are no unit codes for English Functional skills to get any credit for the 2/3s.

    English Functional Skills Level 2 (and 1) is tough to deliver, as shown by the appalling national rates. Level 1 gets obscured in the national averages as Entry levels are lumped in with it. I’ve never been able to work out why the sector (providers and funders) aren’t truly trying to understand the reasons behind this AND FIX IT!


    Martin West

    A qualification has a spiky profile when the rules of combination allow for learning at a higher or lower level to count towards the achievement of the qualification but this is not the case with FS as units at L1 do not count towards the L2 qualification but Learners achieving a pass in each of the required components will be awarded the qualification at the level of the lowest component achieved.

    The only way to reflect this in the ILR would be a transfer to L1 and then this can be reported as achieved.



    Just beware the potential effect of the FRM01 report (if the learner has already achieved Level 1 elsewhere). See recent thread on funding and monitoring reports.

    If you find you can legitimately transfer to the L1 but they’ve got it elsewhere, you’d lose the 80% participation funding, the 20% achievement funding and the achievement!

    Splitting the modes into standalone qualifications or units (as in ESOL) could start to solve so many problems. Not least the erosion of learners confidence each time they fail.

    In my opinion, there is a perverse incentive on providers to (wrongly) put learners through GCSE English, as a grade 1-3 is still considered a pass. In this example it’s likely that the learner would have achieved that!

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