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    Sorry in advance if this is not an appropriate post.

    I have just noticed that i am no longer receiving any feconnect e-mail notifications regarding any posts (not had anything in Dec or Jan).

    I have not changed any IT settings, or done anything to my e-mail.

    I’m sure this happened once before (to myself and others) – any ideas?

    Thank You.



    Dear Caz

    You should look in your ‘Clutter’ which has happened to mine a few days ago.





    Do you mean my Spam/Bin? – defo not in there.

    I’ve done a Forum Topic search – and exactly the same thing happened to me at exactly the same time last year? Spooky….

    Chris from the SFA responded to that topic, saying that FE connect were sending out less posts as they were issues their end.

    Is anybody else having this problem?

    I know i can log in each day and search the recent topics, but its much easier when they pop up in my Inbox and i can filter out what i don’t need.


    Ruth CJ

    I haven’t had those emails for a long time! I just get notifications about ones I’ve replied to. I though that was the case for everyone.


    Steve Bowler

    I get emails when there is a new topic or a new reply to a topic I’ve made a comment on…



    Caspar Verney

    Like Steve, I currently get emails about threads I have subscribed to AS WELL AS emails about new topics posted.

    For a LONG time I was only getting emails about ones I was already subscribed to (I think I posted on that thread Caz refers to where Chris from the SFA made some comments). But then miraculously it seemed to be fixed.

    I suppose it might be worth a quick check on your FeConnect account to see what notification settings you have, but otherwise I am afraid you may need to poke the Service Desk or Chris.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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