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    If an Apprentice achieves their Main qualification, and a functional skill (FS) but does not achieve one of the functional skills required to achieve their full framework what Programme Outcome code should be input?
    I have input the code 2 as partial achievement and code 1 in the individual aims the learner has achieved and code 3 for the FS they did not achieve.

    After checking the ILR spec 16/17 manual it states that Outcome Code 2 should only be used for HE prescribed learning aims.

    What code should be input in the Programme Aim the situation above?



    Sharon McCusker

    Morning! 🙂

    I found this previous thread:


    It states that the spec does say only use for HE learning aims, although the funding outcome will be the same even if you use code 2 – partial achievement. The achievement payment will not be triggered as the programme (Apprenticeship) outcome if other than 1 will only be processed as no achievement.

    Hope that makes sense.



    I d record the Programme aim as 3-No achievement as they have not achieved the framework.


    Sue Scott

    Yes they are a code 3 as they have not completed their full Framework.

    The learner also goes through as an early leaver / non completer so will effect your success rates.

    Can this learner not complete the Functional skill?



    Thank you all for your replies. Sue, to answer your question, we are still waiting on the clarification from ACE as to whether her previously attained ICT qual exempts her from the FS, which would enable her to change to Achieved. (there has been some discussion regarding the ICT qual.)


    Sue Scott

    In that case the I would code the learner as 2 and 8 for the programme aim until you receive confirmation.

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