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    I’ve just delved into the 2015/16 data sets (provided on the Hub) and after following the guidance notes for E&T, was able to generate the pivots in the data sets to produce the same results as the published 2015/16 QAR.

    Is there anywhere where I could access the same data sets for 2016/17 to get a view as things stand? For example, are these available on the Hub or can we extract the data sets from FIS at all to undertake similar analysis?

    Thanks for any help.



    Hi All,

    Just further to this, would we be able to see QAR/success rates data sets for 2016/17 in any of the tables from the export to access in FIS?

    Thanks very much.




    If only we could get in-year data! Basically this is not available and I would not expect that to change any time soon. Back in the distant past we used to get in-year stats, usually around January if my memory serves me right, but not anymore. I am afraid we now have to wait for the BI dashboards to be updated well after the year end. I am not aware of any success rate data in the FIS tables as it does not have access to all the previous years to calculate anything. As you suggest, it would be extremely useful to have the ‘now’ situation but it is simply not available.
    Out of interest what Learner Management software do you use?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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