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  • SamAtkinson

    Hi all,

    Just going through our QAR data and was wondering if anyone could answer a question for us. I’ve logged this with the Data Service, but thought you might all be able to share your experiences and get to the bottom of it faster!

    Let’s say I’m a learner on our MI System…
    – My Start Date is in 2014/15 Contract Year.
    – My Planned End Date is in 2016/17 Contract Year.
    – I go on an Agreed Break in Learning in the 2015/16 Contract Year.
    – I never come back on programme, and in the 2016/17 Contract Year I am recorded on system as Completion Status 3, with my Actual End Date in 2015/16 (i.e. my last day in learning).
    – Unfortunately, because I’ve gone back into a previous contract year, my record “disappears”, and is never resubmitted, meaning that as far as the ESFA is concerned, I’m still on a break…

    Question: When is my Hybrid End Year?

    The reason this question has come about is because I was always under the impression that if you were temporarily withdrawn (i.e. Completion Status = 6), you had until close-of-play the following year to return. However, the QAR does not seem to reflect this, and instead seems to be counting some of our learners in the year following their Planned End Date.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards,


    Martin West

    Hi Sam,
    Aims where the learner is on a planned break (with a Completion status of 6 ‘Learner has temporarily withdrawn from the aim due to an agreed break in learning), are treated as a withdrawal for the overall methodology and the reporting year is set to one year after the later of the expected end year or actual end year.



    Hi Sam,
    Just curious as to why the learner “disappears” from the system? most MIS systems have the ability to force a record in to the ILR in the event that an update needs to be posted back in to a previous year (PICS and Maytas certainly have this feature as i use it a couple of times a year).

    Just to confirm Martin’s Logic, your hybrid end year would be 16/17 as it is the latest year that applies from:
    The actual end year 15/16
    The planned end year 16/17
    The year the record was last sent at hard close + 1 year = 15/16 + 1 year = 16/17

    so, by not returning the record at all, you have effectively set the learner to withdrawn in the 1617 return.
    This is a very good reason to ensure that all the records that were live at the end of 16/17 are present in some form in your final 17/18 file, otherwise you could see a late notified 16/17 achiever who was not on your 1617 hard close file turned in to a leaver which is something i saw happen to a provider in the 1617 final QAR.
    Hope that helps,
    Ben F.

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