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  • JoanneS

    Does anyone know when the hub will be open to start submitting for 1718 R03?
    I have a file uploaded, however it has had a status of “On Hold” for a while now.



    I have logged this with the ESFA on numerous occasions and they state it is usually two weeks before the ILR deadline. I have stated to them that it needs to open all of the time especially when Apprentice Data Matching is required, and the only via is via the data submission.


    Caspar Verney

    From a Provider’s perspective it has been a requirement of the Hub from day one that it should be available all the time. From the Agency’s perspective it need only be available when they dictate. FIS is supposed to plug the recognised gap, but as we all know FIS is unreliable and does not do all of the checks and reporting that the Hub does, so it is the Hub that is required to be available all the time.


    Ruth CJ

    It’s always been mildly inconvenient that the HUB isn’t open all the time, but the Data Match report has made this a serious problem. It’s hard enough trying to get employers to put records on the DAS in a timely manner, without throwing a two week delay in us even starting to chase them. I don’t fancy manually keeping tabs on apprentices enrolled but not on the DAS.

    I will email them and add my voice to the shout for this.


    Ruth CJ

    I contacted the ESFA and explained my problem with having essentially a two week delay in getting the data match report. Apparently, I’m only the second person to raise this issue out of 3,000 providers, so I would encourage anyone else who has concerns over this to get in touch with the ESFA.

    I was told that “most” providers aren’t even aware that the data match report exists.

    Apparently they had a meeting yesterday, where an idea was raised to have two open periods each month. The explanation wasn’t clear, but I think the general idea was that there would be a short period of time earlier in the month where the next return would be open for a few days, before being closed again for a bit, then reopened before the final close of that period.



    I have again contacted the service desk, and received this response:

    Further to your query;

    R03 opens on Tuesday 24th Oct @ 9am and closes 6th Nov.

    The Hub has to be closed to do monthly maintenace, payments, update LARS, amend/update rule violations etc….

    There are no plans to change opening and closing times within the foreseeable future.


    Service desk


    Ruth CJ

    I guess nobody else has a problem that they can’t get a data lock report half the time, which I’m surprised by, as it’s rather a pain for us.


    Martin West

    The Data Collection Maintenance Schedule does indicate two periods where the system should be available for data collections each period.
    In the following example for R03
    The first period is between the 9th October to the 22nd October but this is not guaranteed
    The operation period is between the 24th October to the 6th November

    I can understand the issues at the start and end of the year where R13/R01 and R14/R02 overlap would make the system unavailable during the data update and maintenance widow but

    I can see no reason why Providers should be restricted to the published operational period only.

    All has changed due to the requirements of processing ILR data for the Levy and it is up to the ESFA to ensure the providers have sufficient access to their systems to enable them to do so.

    If the ESFA do read this: The system may not be broken but it can always be improved.



    I guess if you were the 2nd provider out of 3000, that would make me the 1st one as i raised that over 2 months ago. If i didn’t laugh i would have to cry.

    I actually now find the co-funding report only being available after the final submission is almost as big an issue as the 24 hour delay in matching to employer data when the hub is actually open for business. has anyone used that as a double check to make sure that their Levy/Non-Levy learners have been recorded on the correct ACT type? assuming of course they have actually matched to the employer account.

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